Bathroom Furnishing Collection in Lightweight Marble - Quadra
Collection Quadra
Comfortable sinuosity.
Bathroom Furnishing Collection in Lightweight Marble - Lune
Collection Lune
The form of a universal sign.
Dedalo washbasin in lightweight marble
Our ultralight marble
We freed the marble from its weight, making its forms fluid and sculpted its volume.
Bathroom Furnishing Collection in Lightweight Marble - Cristalli
Collection Cristalli
Air and stone, an undefeated balance.
Dedalo Stone logo

We have always worked marble.
Dedalo is luxury bathroom design in lightened marble.

Washbasins, tubs, shower bases and mirrors. The maximum expression of Marble and Design, 100% Made in Italy.

Dedalo is synonymous with quality, the erudite artisanal craftsmanship and planning of expert designers who fully express Italian genius in the laboratories of Carrara.

We want to reaffirm the use of marble in daily life, without renouncing, for reasons of weight, its three dimensional vocation, offering sculptural and extremely engaging forms.

lightweight marble washbasin. Countertops in extra clear glass and crystal.

All of our products are created from marble, not composite, always starting from a block , and never presenting glued pieces , plastered cracks or any other sign typical of composite or assembled stone products: this is the first element that ennobles the craftsmanship and connects it to the top of the line of stonework.

The difference between a traditional washbasin and a Dedalo washbasin. Dedalo light marble

The products created with our technology are from three to five times lighter compared with an analogous product created with traditional techniques. This means that products of equal dimension have a similar, if not lower weight than the analogous products in ceramic.

INSTALLATION Dedalo easy marble installation
TRANSPORT Dedalo easy marble trasport
Dedalo light structure support

Most bathroom fixtures are designed with the weight of the ceramic in mind, and never the monolithic marble. Now, we can install our washbasins on cantilevered glass shelves, or on furniture in crystal or on wooden surfaces, always anchored like normal shelves.