Marble Billiard Tables

The latest fruit of our research in Design and Technology.

Billiard Table in light marble by Dedalo Stone

The billiard table in lightened marble is our latest adventure, and in addition to being an extraordinary product that mixes design and technology, it perfectly represents our desire to research, test, discover and surpass the limits of a material that still has enormous applicative potential, perhaps that which we call limits are only horizons that have yet to be crossed. For the development of the marble billiard table, we chose to collaborate with famous companies of the sector, who have been creating high quality wooden billiard tables for decades, which has allowed us to conceive not only an extremely elegant and precious luxury object, but a billiard table of excellent structural characteristics, which perfectly respects all of the most rigid and severe standards of international play.

The client who opts for this purchase of this exclusive product won't lack for choice of stone materials from all over the world, such as marbles, onyxes, travertines, granites and limestone. We are able to find every type of product present on the market. In addition, we are able to create the billiard table from semi precious stones, such as lapis lazuli, rock crystal, agate, amethyst, rose quartz, tiger eye and many other semi precious essences. Obviously, it is the client who decides the configuration of the game of the marble billiard table, from American pool to Russian pyramid, to traditional Italian snooker, and obviously, in any size requested.

  • Marble White Carrara
    Bianco Carrara
  • Marble Dedalo Grey Bardiglio Nuvolato
    Bardiglio Nuvolato
  • Marble Bianco Calacatta Caldia ®
    Calacatta Caldia ®
  • Marble Beige Crema Luna
    Crema Luna
  • Marble yellow Onice Arcoiris
    Onice Arcoiris
  • Marmo Rosso Collemandina
    Rosso Collemandina

Every other material available on request.