Ultralight marble shower trays.

Elegant and completely customizable.

The monolithic marble shower trays take their inspiration and the essence of their forms from nature. They have been conceived to create a continuous form-material with all the other products of our line, allowing the client to complete every environment with a coordinated and uniform design. Every monolithic marble shower tray can be customized based on the tastes and needs of the client, the side borders can be worked and formed so that they can correctly interface with any shower cabin on the market.

  • Marble White Carrara
    Bianco Carrara
  • Marble Dedalo Grey Bardiglio Nuvolato
    Bardiglio Nuvolato
  • Marble Bianco Calacatta Caldia ®
    Calacatta Caldia ®
  • Marble Beige Crema Luna
    Crema Luna
  • Marble yellow Onice Arcoiris
    Onice Arcoiris
  • Marmo Rosso Collemandina
    Rosso Collemandina